Natura Causses "Our Natura Causses products confirmed their success with our Aveyron and local customers, and we had to offer them beyond the department. To do this, we called on the skills of Becausse, leaving them full latitude to advise us to build an online store adapted to our needs and our budget. We are very satisfied with their mission and the results for our activity" - Jen-Jacques Nicoli - Founder of Natura Causses

Sector: Natural Care Products and Cosmetics

Handcrafted production of 100% natural care products: surgras soaps, vegetable oils, precious care oils, lip balms


  • Study prior to the creation of the store: benchmarking of web competitors, identification of volume and sector search terms, business plan scenarios.
  • Creation of the store: content, features, marketing arguments.
  • Content writing
  • Product photography and shooting
  • SEO actions: content / structure / linking optimization. Monthly positioning tracking and optimizations.
  • Webmastering: adding / modifying products or content
  • Emailing: designing and sending customer/prospect emailings
  • Monthly Ecommerce and Webanalytics monitoring: adjustments, optimization of turnover, margin, ROI.
  • Social media actions