La Roque Valzergues, from the depths of time...

The first hypothesis on the origin of the name La Roque Valzergues comes from Sergius , the name of Caesar 's officer in charge of taming the Rutenes.
Panorama La Roque Valzergues It is based on the following toponym: Valzergues for Vallis Sergii , " the valley of Sergius ". A more certain hypothesis is nevertheless the following, based on a syntactic derivation of the river flowing at the foot of La Roque: the Greenhouse . La Serre, this river tributary of the Aveyron in Palmas, and which owes its name to the heights ( serras ) dominating the site of its source in Canac. Indeed ( Valsergua in the 10th century) represents the noun phrase (“ valley of the greenhouse ”), with Gallic or Latin derivation of the name of the greenhouse.
The linguistic evolution would have been oriented towards: Serrica > Seriga > Ser(i)ga > Serga . Hence: vall-serga > val-zerga .
The locality therefore takes its name from the rock which culminates there and commands the basin where the Val de Serre completes its formation. Such a site must have already served as a natural refuge for the oldest occupants of the region.

At the heart of Rouergate History

From this distant past, History has retained nothing and, as it happens in such cases, popular traditions have crystallized around a few names put forward everywhere in the Rouergue : the Romans, the Saracens, the English... We even went so far as to say that a Saracen settled in La Roque , holding the church of Canac under his thumb, until his descendants, finally converted, donated it to the Abbey of Conques?
Rock of the Virgin Saint Saturnin To stick to the facts, La Roque Valzèrgues only entered history at the beginning of feudalism, when the jurisdiction or high justice of the district of Valzergues became the hereditary prerogative of the powerful Calmont family . The Rouergue therefore bristles with fortified hideouts.
La Roque Valzèrgues was one of the most powerful, perhaps from the end of the 10th century. Its keep affirmed the rights of the master in matters of civil jurisdiction, its chapel bore witness to his faith. However, the lord of La Roque remained the liege man of the Count of Rouergue, his direct suzerain, and owed him homage and assistance.

-Texts after " Safeguarding the Rouergue "-

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