Lords of Calmont, Counts of Rouergue and Toulouse

Around 1100, Bégon de Calmont , renouncing the old ecclesiastical pretensions, ceded them to the Abbey of Conques . As early as 1092, he had married his daughter Sybille to Raymond d'Anduze , who as a result was soon to come into possession of the entire estate.
The County of Rouergue and that of Toulouse had been held for quite a long time by the same family. Around 1200, Raymond VI of Toulouse was its suzerain. As such, he could require the assistance of his vassals and the temporary surrender of their castles. He concludes with the family of Anduze an exchange contract allowing him to have the fortress of Roque, admirably located on the borders of Rouergue and Gévaudan , because he felt a growing threat against his states. His power, almost equal to that of the King, aroused many envy and he was even accused of supporting the Cathar heresy ...

The Albigensian Crusade

The so-called " Albigensian " crusade was the pretext for the troops of Simon de Montfort Simon de Monfort to sweep over the lands of the County. They committed such exactions there that Raymond VI raised the banner of revolt. But his defeat before Muret in 1213 tipped the odds against him. Feeling compromised, they submitted to the Crusaders. Baudoin , brother of Raymond VI also pledged allegiance to the crusaders. Raymond VI had him hanged to attribute the Château de La Roque to Pierre de Sauve . Raymond VII succeeded Raymond VI, and Alphonse de Poitiers (brother of Saint-Louis) who had married his daughter Jehanne de Toulouse , inherited La Roque on the death of his father-in-law. In 1251, the new count couple stayed at the Château de La Roque . Certainly, Alphonse reorganized the defenses of the stronghold during this stay, as he did in Najac . Without a direct heir, according to the clauses of the treaty, the County of Toulouse and Rouergue passed to the King of France on the death of Raymond VII in 1271. Thanks to its exceptional location, La Roque became Chatellenie Royale and seat of a " baillage " or court of justice, extending its jurisdiction over a vast district.

The English occupation

In 1360 came the 100 Years War and the Treaty of Brétigny which amputated France of its southern provinces for the benefit of the English. Middle Ages Aveyron In 1362 , the castle of La Roque therefore opened its doors to the English captain who came to garrison it. Soon healthy, the lords and towns of the South regretted their submission and complained to the King of France about the charges imposed on them by their new suzerain. Encouraged behind the scenes, the revolt broke out . In January 1369, Jean, son of the Count of Armagnac and Rodez , stormed La Roque Valzergues and drove out the English garrison whose captain perished during the attack. For nearly a century, the House of Armagnac was one of the strongest supporters of the crown of France, and as a reward for services rendered, the king donated 4 châtellenies in Rouergue , including that of La Roque.

-Texts after " Safeguarding the Rouergue "-

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