The Holy Sepulcher or Capélette in Campagnac

This small 18th century chapel , whose rustic door lintel The Holy Sepulcher in Campagnac or Capélette represents an entombment, rises on its Caussenard promontory , above the Lot valley and facing Aubrac .
Some elements could testify to the existence of an older building. Various legends are attached to this place. Hermitage , place of expiation for thieves who robbed and killed, or pagan site dedicated to death , to the passage to the afterlife and eternal light?
The objects found during the archaeological excavations carried out on the nearby Gallo-Roman cult site of Azuel , could confirm this last hypothesis, in particular the curious oculist equipment dated from the 2nd century AD .
In Gallo-Roman times, oculist equipment mainly consisted of a small brass box with several compartments containing eye drops in the solid state, a grinding tablet and an instrument case for preparing and applying eye drops.

Since time immemorial, the Capélette (still called Notre-Dame-des-Buis , by the Cabassols, inhabitants of Campagnac ) Our Lady of Buis Campagnac is also the meeting place for lovers . Many inscriptions engraved on its walls bear witness to this. The grandiose site of the Holy Sepulcher was also a place of pilgrimage and devotion to grant wishes, ward off bad luck or illness. Thus the walls of La Capélette , for example, still bear the traces of the serrated saws of the sawyers who came there to ask for a cure for their eye disease.

-Texts of the Association " Living in Campagnac and its Hamlets "-

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