Soulages Museum "Becausse was selected within the framework of the public tender procedure n°14S0060 of December 14, 2014 passed by the Community of Agglomeration of Grand Rodez. The agency accompanies us within the framework of a mission of one year, for: the optimization of our traffic, the ergonomics of the site, and the training of our internal teams relating to webmastering WordPress and good webmarketing practices ." - Valérie CAMPO , Communication Director of Grand Rodez -

Sector: Institutional Site of Cultural Character

Showcase site of the Soulages Museum


As part of this mission framed by Public Tender, Becausse carries out:
Assignment Audit

  • Audit/Identification of existing priority strategic content
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Audit/Identification of strategic keywords qualified as contributors
  • Audit of blocking factors
Assignment Shares :
  • Optimization of content pages
  • Optimization navigation & ergonomics
  • SEO optimization of content pages on identified strategic terms
  • Optimization of linking
Assignment Training :
  • Consulting & webmarketing methodology (SEO, Web Copywriting, Social Network actions), best practices web mastering WordPress
Soulages Museum